Fundamental Basketball Skills Training

Players, whether you are just beginning or are a professional, World Wide Hoops has a specifically set workout for your personal goals. Each and every hour long workout includes:

 Dramatic improvement of shooting percentage
Learning how to “Create your own shot”
Ball handling, with and without pressure
Changing speeds and direction
Developing mental toughness and determination and
Workouts developed for movement skills and lateral quickness.

World Wide Hoops Training staff has worked out NBA All-Stars, College All-Americans, High School All-Americans, as well as International Professionals. Our workouts, however, are not limited to only elite players but rather a ride range of athletic levels and abilities. We have a passion for developing players at all skill levels as long as they have an intense desire to improve and strive to achieve personal aspirations.

Brandon Paquin


Brandon Paquin is the Head Trainer for World Wide Hoops, whom has trained and worked with dozens of College and Professional players as well as hundreds of kids in the Indiana and Kentucky areas. He states with enthusiasm, “I am very passionate about training and getting players to reach their maximum potential. Whether that be helping a kid make his high school freshman team or getting a player ready for the NBA. My intense training techniques have proven results. My staff and I are dedicated to transforming goal-orientated players to become the best player they can be.” We are the new age of basketball!


Brandon is a good skill coach. He knows exactly what players on all levels need to improve their game, and he will get you better!

Ganon BakerNBA Skills Coach, Nike Skills Coach