July 29, 2019

WWH Summer & Fall Training

by Upper Hand in Newsfeed, Training

This past summer and fall has been very busy for us. We had a great camp in Cleveland, Ohio in June where over 60 kids came worked hard for 2 days and improved on their game. We had a very good 3 months of off season training. 4 days a week kids came in, got stronger, faster, and made huge improvements. We teamed up with Ted Butler of Operation Athlete for our fall skills clinic which was a huge success. Ted was great with the speed and agility portion. These past couple months we’ve really grown on the girls side. Merideth Marsh has done a tremendous job with these girls from all over Louisville improve in their game! I’ve worked with coaches and trainers from all over the world and there’s nobody better working with girls than Merideth. We have been very proud of the girls and their dedication to improve and work hard! As winter months come ahead players need to know how vital it is to keep up on their skills during the season. Come and see us we are total player development!